Are you facing a cash crunch?

Proven financial strategies to get you back on your feet—fast

In an age of cutthroat competition and fickle customers, a small or mid-sized business can find itself in financial trouble quickly. You could be cruising along and then suddenly, one of your biggest customers announces it’s cutting all spending on your area. Now you’ve got unused equipment, inventory building up and too many idle people.

The consequences of such an event can be painful. First, cash starts to dry up. Then suppliers threaten to cut you off because you’ve slowed or stopped payments. Next, your credit line becomes overstretched and your bank suddenly wants to “review” your loans. Competitors start to smell blood and start to go after your customers. And finally, when things get really bad, key employees start to jump ship.

When this happens, you need a partner who will not only act as your trusted advisor, but who will step up and take decisive action. Arbutus Advisors is that partner. We’ll pinpoint your trouble areas, prioritize a response plan, and recommend the best path forward. Then we’ll get in the trenches and do the real work of turning things around.

Whether it’s building an emergency cash flow forecast, raising capital or negotiating new terms with your lenders, we have the proven expertise to get you back on your feet quickly. You can expect improved cash flow management, lenders backing off, better financial reporting, more time and clearer information to make decisions, enhancements in operational efficiency, and ultimately, increased profits.

Our services include:

  • Emergency cash analysis, forecasting and preservation management
  • Business problem assessment
  • Identifying and implementing cost saving initiatives
  • Developing business turnaround plans
  • Lender negotiations and communications
  • Developing financial reporting systems
  • Improving business and administrative systems and processes
  • Sales and marketing rationalization
  • Operations and distribution optimization
  • Facility performance analysis
  • Fulfilling Interim management roles – CFO, VP Sales, VP Operations
  • Assist with raising capital and developing financing packages
  • Ongoing monitoring and advisory

If you’re facing any of the above challenges, contact us now for a no charge, no obligation Business Success Discussion.

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