What does Arbutus Advisors do?
We help small and medium-sized companies get to the root of cash, banking and other financial issues and fix them for good. Achieving this usually involves one of more of our business turnaround or performance improvement services.

What makes you different from accountant, law or financial consulting firms?
While each of these firms can provide one or more of our services, none of them offer turnarounds as a core service. Our clients get more value from using an experienced specialist like us who “ramps up” quickly and speaks their language. And we don’t just advise, we roll up our sleeves and help you permanently fix the problem.

Our business isn’t in a crisis. Why do we need your help?
Your business may not be in crisis yet, but if it’s displaying signs of a downward trend, then the sooner you identify the root problem, the sooner you can fix it with less cost to your business. The cost and time required to solve a problem increases incrementally as your situation worsens.

How are you qualified to help us?
We’ve all either run businesses or advised businesses for many years. More importantly, we have a track record of success in business turnarounds. For proof, read our bios and case studies.

How can you understand my business enough to help solve my problems?
Your business is unique, but your situation isn’t. As seasoned turnaround experts, we don’t need to be experts in your specific business or industry to determine what the root problems are. Working closely with you, we’ll have all the context we need to get up the curve quickly and help you turn things around.

How does the process work?
Broadly speaking, we use a five-step process to stabilize your business and get you on track to success:

1. Assess the current financial situation
2. Determine your biggest sources of cash drain
3. Develop a turnaround plan
4. Implement the plan
5. Monitor performance and adjust as needed

How long will it take to see results?
In most cases we can prepare a cash forecast and implement some degree of cost control within 2-4 weeks. The speed of action depend on the complexity of your problem.

What is a typical engagement?
A typical engagement usually consists of a business assessment, a turnaround plan, and roll out. This can take anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks, or longer.

How do we make sure your plan sticks?
We provide ongoing mentoring and monitoring to ensure you business stays on the success track.

How much time will you need to spend with us?
Engagements initially focus on your finances, so the best way to answer this is to assess the strength of your accounting and finance staff. If you have a strong, organized and adaptive group with an established financial reporting structure, we likely don’t need to spend a lot of time hanging around performing work your staff can do.

How do I discuss my business needs with you without raising concern amongst my employees that something is wrong?
As entrepreneurs, we recognize that sometimes you don’t want to alert your employees to a problem before you have a solution. We can meet discreetly with you at a place and time of your convenience to properly review your problems.

What if I change my mind? Am I locked in with you?
After discussing your needs, we’ll lay out a simple plan with clear milestones to measure ‘success’ points. You are under no obligation to continue past these milestones.

How much will it cost to hire you?
Less than hiring a downtown firm. As a boutique firm, our overhead is low. We charge by the hour or by the project, depending on your circumstances. Our billing is completely transparent. And we don’t start the meter every time you phone us with a quick question.

How can I afford to hire you if my business is struggling?
The cost of ignoring a financial problem is much greater than the cost of hiring us to fix it— we’ve seen this happen too many times. As a situation worsens, the time you spend communicating with banks, suppliers, employees and customers will increase dramatically. We relieve this burden from you and allow you to focus on your business.

How do I get started?
Fill out this brief questionnaire. Then we’ll call you to set up a convenient time to spend an hour in a Business Success Discussion, reviewing your business challenges on a no charge, no obligation basis.

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